Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

1 The islands of the Indian Ocean: it can be nice, knowing that Maldives and Seychelles vie for the title of most-beautiful islands in the world. Provided you leave one arm in the trip: from 999 $ per week per person. Ultimately, for a wedding buffet, we will perhaps make pasta salads.

islands of the Indian

2-The French Polynesia: to coo the sun, there is also the Pacific Ocean option. 25% stays on the island honeymoons. This means if the formula has been tested and approved, whether connected or flippers flower necklace. Again, the flat screen it will not be this year.

La Polynésie française

3-The Caribbean: Fortunately, we thought of everything and also the islands for proletarians, uh, smaller budgets. Just go sunbathing in Martinique or Guadeloupe. The traces are the same tanning. Sunburn too.

Les Antilles

4-Venice: why do original when you can photograph?


5-Marrakech: besieged by a horde of villas, “Riads” and other luxury hotels, the “Medina” is full of treasures. And yes, we try to buy your beautiful gazelle, and no, the guy is not serious, but you came to the folklore is not it?


6-Bali: the scenery is guaranteed: green landscapes, bright colors, good food and cheap … By cons do not go between November and April as the rainy season in Bali is nerd! (Yes, it was easy that one).


7-The Lapland :is not the land of rabbits, but the reindeer and sled dogs. And animal skins by the fire, it gives ideas.


8-The Yucatan : peninsula this Mexican focuses beautiful beaches and has the distinction of being an ancient Mayan site. Go gringos, put on your sombreros.


9-Cuba: curious, will you tell us? Cuba is attracting more and more lovebirds. A sun destination, but also culture. Because that by sipping mojitos on the beach all day, yes, it is a small bead that has settled over the swimsuit. Come on, put her sneakers and walk hand in the old city of Havana.


10-Rajasthan: Gandhi, Bollywood, and chicken tikka, that’s fine, but chum in the palaces of Maharajas with Scheherazade is better.


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