How to find a cheap plane ticket?

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The question has been asked several times lately. I helped the readers of the blog as I could but I have to say I was a bit like not to be very useful in their research. So I looked at the issue a little more seriously and I finally put together a series of articles bringing my findings.

Let’s start with what you should know before booking your ticket, tips and methods to find a cheap ticket.

The classic advice to find cheap flight:

Here are some tips “classic” but which are nevertheless essential.

1 -Be flexible on the dates of departure and return

One can save a hundred dollars by taking a flight the day after originally planned. We must be flexible in choosing the dates of departure and return, and especially focus on comparators with a schedule of prices.

2- Go out holiday period

Harder said than done, I admit. However, before you take your vacation, if you are planning a trip, always take this into account. This works not only on the price of airline tickets but also often affects the prices in tourist areas.

3-Use multiple flight comparison sites and compare results

What is the best flight search? The important thing is to use a comparison flexible on dates and performance in research. On this subject, read the article on the best comparators to find cheap tickets, and finally the best I’ve had in any case.

Well, so far nothing new I hear you say … But I think a little reminder never hurts. Now for some more advanced tips!

My advice to find cheap airline tickets:

The questions to be asked:

What time buy a ticket?

What day of the week to buy a ticket?

At what time of year to buy a ticket?

How many months before departure to buy your ticket?

What are the airports of departure and arrival of cheaper?

Know that there are comparator convenient flights that can answer all these questions easily. I told you in the article on shopping for flights. But there are already some ideas in the lines below.

Buy your ticket at the right time of the week

That is to say at the right time and day of the week the cheapest for your destination. Because, yes, tickets are cheaper at certain times and certain days of the week.

A priori, in general, the best time of the week to buy a ticket, it’s early morning. Indeed, in the night, pre-canceled reservations are put on sale by tour operators.

But this varies greatly depending on destination. See the article with a detailed example and my tips to find a cheap plane ticket to las vegas.

Book the most interesting of the week your ticket to the days of departure and arrival

In the case of  Las Vegas , for example, the day of the cheapest departure is Tuesday. The comparator ” makes finding this information easily.

Book in advance or at the last moment?

Book in advance (3-4 months beforehand) or really last minute (2-3 days before the departure date).

It does no good to book a year in advance. This is often even more expensive. But avoid buying a ticket the month of departure or even two months before. The best, in my opinion, is to go on the comparator and study price trends.

  Otherwise, you can sometimes come across bargains at bargain prices at the last minute, 2 or 3 days before departure. But in this case, we must bear the uncertainty of not knowing where you’re going until the last moment.

Unless you do not have a choice and know the date of his vacation at the last minute. In that case, go ahead and take advantage of our last minute!

Include nearby airports in its search

Some comparator are used to include all airports of a city or even a country in its search. This is the case of   or Search, which I recommend.

Again, you can read more in the article dedicated to the comparator flights


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